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When we are asked to tell a story, it might set us back on our heels for a moment. Yet we will discover that listening and storytelling stimulates the best of our abilities as communicators. We think reflectively and creatively. We sensitize ourselves to our listeners. We overcome hesitation to discover boldness. Stories themselves are rich troves of information, and our very biology forces us to recall them at a level that charts, graphs, and dense presentations can never match. In an organization, when combined with podcasting, stories offer managers a powerful and organic way of sharing knowledge. At Narativ we fuse both aspects of story into workshops for individuals and services for companies.

Fundraising Story: Uncover the Source of Your Winning Pitch is an online workshop for program officers and entrepreneurs that leads you on a journey to discover the source of your winning pitch. Starts May 3. 

Future Story, with Narativ's founder and author of the upcoming, The Power of Storytelling, Murray Nossel. Future Story utilizes the creative power of listening and storytelling to shape your business plan. First date coming soon.

Personal coaching sessions teach the art of listening and storytelling for presentation and strategic clarity in one-on-one sessions. Contact Jerome Deroy.


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What does she see? The insights your workforce gathers each day as they work might be your most valuable asset. If you hear about them. Knowledge Story is an innovative program that scales how companies train people and share knowledge. The program uses listening and storytelling to find and uncover experiential know-how and podcasting to share it throughout your organization. Contact Jerome Deroy for a free consultation.

Training. Narativ has trained corporate teams in listening and storytelling and applied storytelling in non-profit advocacy environments for over 10 years. Contact us to discuss how to benefit from our expertise.


Fundraising Story

May 3, 10, 17, 24

Four one and a half hour modules. $195. Includes training, lots of practice, real-world home work, and media explorations.

Listening and Personal Storytelling

May 15

Learn the Narativ Method. For artists, entrepreneurs, managers, anyone, really. London, England.


Fundraising Story Fall 2017

September 20, 27 | October 4, 11

Four one and a half hour modules. $195. Includes training, lots of practice, real-world home work, and media explorations.


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About Narativ

Narativ emerged from the world of non-profit advocacy during the AIDS epidemic, when its founder Murray Nossel understood that listening and storytelling transformed the dying process into a creative act of memory and posterity. From that insight he developed the Narativ Method of listening and storytelling, which has fueled our work for the last 20 years. We have learned that stories serve personal, organizational, and business objectives. Our commitment is to take listening and storytelling as far as it can go, merging it with new technologies, such as podcasting and app development, while remaining faithful to our roots: a deep appreciation for the human quest to know and to share experiences and insights through the vital, relatable, memorable vessel of story.

"Narativ's workshop for my global legal team deepened the personal bonds among them and created a model for legal to communicate with greater impact to the business." 

—Chief Legal Officer, leading luxury fashion brand

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